ShareCare brings gifts to your Congregation or Group!

 What are some advantages of
partnering with ShareCare?

  • Expands and Enhances care to your homebound members
  • Provides efficient and effective outreach to the community at large
  • Increases pool of available volunteers
  • Access to shared resources
  • Provides support system for volunteers
  • Insurance
  • Enrichment experiences
  • Recognition
  • Assists Clergy with additional resources to help meet the needs of congregational members (faith communities only)

 How do you partner with

  • Appoint a coordinator
  • Coordinator recruits volunteers ShareCare provides:
  • Coordinator and Volunteer training
  • Liability, personal injury and property Insurance
  • Networking, feedback and support
  • Assistance with needs assessments
  • Share a common outreach mission
  • Participate in guidance for the local program

How do you become a partner faith community?

  • Seek approval from your governing board
  • Select a coordinator - a crucial position - who will:

    Recruit volunteers

    Work with ShareCare to schedule volunteers for training

    Matches, places and schedules volunteers

    Offer an annual donation (no designated amount)

    Participate in Board/Committee membership